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Wireless Alarm Kit £599

We are currently supplying and fitting a wireless alarms including: 

Alarm Panel with built in keypad

4x PIR 

1x Door Contact 

External sounder 

This deal also includes Home Control.

Meaning you can remotely connect to your alarm from anywhere in the world. Sending push notifications, Set/Unset & keeping a history. 

You can also add devices to the system whether is be more PIR sensors, Door contacts, Smoke Detectors, Smart key Fobs etc. 

PIR                         £39

Door  Contact      £45

Smart Key Fob    £35

If you send an email with what you require or need more assistance don't hesitate to call or email. 

Intruder Alarms

Frequently Asked Questions About Wireless Alarms:

"Are they as good as wired alarms"

In Short "Yes". 

The two way technology used in our alarms is tested to the highest standard. Theres no wires to cut and with the main control panel constantly monitoring the sensors you have nothing to worry about. The battery life usually lasts around 2/3 years. 

Wireless Kits

You can tailor a wireless intruder alarm to suit your needs. 

  • PIR Sensors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Door Contacts
  • Shock Detectors 
  • Wireless Bell Boxes

Below we have some information on our new homecontrol+ products.

Home Control+

Home control+ is a system we provide here at Eyezon Security. This new affordable alarm system allows you to be able to remotely control your alarm from anywhere in the world via your smart phone. 

  • Set/Unset
  • Be alerted if you have an intruder
  • Control all your zones
  • Check the status of your system 

For more information contact our team. 

Wired Alarms

The wired alarms that we offer here at Eyezon Security can also use Home control+. If you have an old wired system that needs updating, then this would be a great option for you. 

Take Over

We can take over an old alarm, fit you with a new up to date system and also set up a maintenance scheme with you. 

Contact us For more info

Home Control+

A short video to show you how the system works